Online Writers Forum for Water Stories!
Writing may be in the form of an Essay, Short Story, Anecdote, etc.
Please share the relevance water plays in your life and the lives of your family and friends.
You may include a photo or illustration with your writing submission.
  • Writing submissions should be 1,000 words or less.
  • All submissions will be reviewed before posting
  • Posted Submissions will be available and visible from the library’s webpage:
    • Photos or Illustrations that relate to your writing, welcome.
    • Submitted photos or illustrations may be printed or copied for display during the Writer’s Showcase.
In Three Waves, we will ask for people to send us their stories Online
Wave One – Water is Where We Play (Beginning September 7)
  • Tell us of your time relaxing and play in or around water.
(Boating, Fishing, Swimming, Skiing, Running in Sprinklers, and other unique experiences.)
Wave Two – Water is Sacred (Beginning October 1)
  • Share the significance of water in your faith, your personal well-being, and your religious experiences. These may be personal to you or you may represent your community.
Wave Three – Home is Where the Water Is (Beginning October 24)
  • Each day we drink water, bathe in water, flush water, irrigate with water, wash with water, and more. People live where there is available water. Present your recollections and interactions with water.
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3 – Writer’s Showcase!
The Death Rattle Writer’s Festival & The Cabin are hosting an event where writers will be invited to share their Water Stories.
All Writers are Invited to Come to this Event!
Please visit our website for updated information.
For questions about formats or other, you may email