Calling all old working laptops and iPhones!


Have a laptop that is a few generations old but still works great and you want to see do some good? Or an old iPhone lying around that you’re no longer using and don’t know what to do with? Semilla Nueva’s field team will put them to excellent use!


Why we need working laptops: Our field technicians, all lifelong farmers, are going back to school with generous funds from Semilla Nueva grantor the InterAmerican Foundation. They are taking computer classes to learn to create reports and tools that will help us reach as many farmers across Guatemala that we possibly can with better crops to change the face of malnutrition. They just need access to their own computers, and preferably laptops so they can travel with them when working with partners from diverse communities across the nation.


On the office side, our team has been working hard to program, promote, and finance our efforts in the field. Some of our fellows and staff have had their computers turn off various times, despite multiple fixes. We are currently launching a biofortified seed breeding program, allowing us to make sure we have commercially competitive seeds, and then innovatively marketing the seed to farmers in the biggest corn producing regions, who provide the majority of corn to the rest of the country.  We cannot do this without working laptops to use at meetings in the office, the field, and at partner sites!


Why we need iPhones with decent cameras: The smartphones our Semilla Nueva team uses have connected us through group messaging so that everyone can have access to information, which has been crucial for efficiency in communications. However, some are of poor quality, and we need pictures to ask and give advice between staff and with partner organizations. We need to be able to reach out when problems arise, and being able to snap a shot out in the field makes a huge difference. Now, more than ever, as our Semilla Nueva team grows, we need to stay connected as we travel across the southern coast and throughout Guatemala. 


If you have a working laptop of unlocked smartphone with a quality camera that you are no longer using, we could really use those, too! Email Eve Dolkart at or call 802-777-4146 so we can coordinate pick up in exchange for a well-earned tax credit for your donation.



Eve Dolkart
International Relations and Outreach Officer
+(502) 3015-9965
Skype: edolkart

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