We are close to getting legislative approval for an Idaho specialty license plate with the Rotary logo. This will be a great way to increase visibility for Rotary and there would also be some funds that come back the the organization (to RI, to the district, and to our club foundation).

Senate Bill 1070 will come to a vote on either February 20 or 21! (Very soon!)

Can you help us get support for this?

Please take two or three minutes to call your state senator and urge him or her to vote Yes on Senate Bill 1070. 
Call/Email Script:
Hello Senator ______, my name is ________, I’m a Rotary member associated with the _______ Rotary Club. The reason for my call/email today is in regards to Senate Bill 1070. This is the legislation aimed at creating a Rotary Specially License Plate. The bill should be before the Senate in the next few days and I would appreciate your “yes” vote on this bill. Thank you for your support.