Carla and I are just about done with our Club visits.  It is bitter sweet ending.  We have driven about 12,000 miles since July 1.  I am happy to stop driving, but the experience visiting all the clubs is truly wonderful and difficult to describe.  We have met 100’s of Rotarians each month that anyone would be proud to call their friend.  We have been warmly welcomed in every location.  We have learned more about Idaho and all of its communities.  I am amazed at all the things that each club does to support their community and make it a better place for everyone.  Thank you for the wonderful experience and I will always remember your kindness to me and to all those in your towns that need help.
November is Foundation Month.  This is the time when we reflect on all the good the Rotary Foundation has done.  We are celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Foundation this year and it will culminate with a celebration at the Atlanta Convention in June. 
Foundation giving has grown over the years and I want to make certain that I thank all of you who give generously to the Foundation.  Much of the growth in giving has come from a smaller and smaller group of Rotarians as membership has declined in our District.  When we look at the Foundation, we must all consider the need for more members to help with the giving.  So the Foundation and Membership are tied together.  One of the necessary things we must do to grow membership is to increase our Public Image efforts.  The more people know about Rotary, the more members we will have and the more members we have, benefits the Foundation.  This is my convoluted way of demonstrating that Membership and Public Image are all important and directly impact the Foundation.  Please support the Rotary Foundation—the engine of Rotary!!!