Jan 15, 2019 12:00 PM
Jeanna McCullock
Veteran Transition
  • Jenna McCullock: Volunteer, Outreach & Community Engagement Manager
  • Presentation Title: Veteran Transition
  •  Wyakin: Wyakin exists to serve as a conduit connecting wounded and injured veterans to their successful and fulfilling civilian futures through education, development, and guidance. Veteran transition presents challenges. Cultural and emotional forces can collide to make the process of transition into the educational and professional settings seem at times overwhelming. Physical and emotional wounds serve to further complicate matters.
  • Bio: Jenna McCullock has been with Wyakin since 2018. Jenna was raised in Boise, Idaho, moved to Oklahoma City for 9 years, then decided it was time to come back to the Gem State. She brings nonprofit and program management experience to Wyakin. In years past, she has worked as an Adult Care Specialist with a Community Mental Health Center and as a Site Supervisor for a nonprofit in the Oklahoma City area focusing on reentry for incarcerated individuals. Her extensive experience in managing volunteer and mentor programs make her a valuable resource to our Warriors. Jenna holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Business from Southern Nazarene University and is happily married to her husband, Zack.