Teenage Suicide Prevention
Jun 06, 2017
Rocky Detwiler, Founder and CEO, Samson Wear
Teenage Suicide Prevention


Rocky is the founder of Samson Wear, an inspirational apparel company that empowers individuals with words. He specializes in co-branding opportunities. The science behind the power of words aids in this revolutionary new thought concept that Rocky has used to positively transform lives.

Rocky also founded the Samson LIFE Challenge (SLC). The genesis of a True LIFE transformational program that implements small habits on a daily basis in 3 specific areas of life: Health, Relationships, and Happiness.

Transformational/Life Coach

Rocky mentors and coaches leaders and entrepreneurs as a transformational expert utilizing the SLC as a guideline and program to truly transform the lives of those he works with. 


Rocky is also a highly effective and sought after motivator and inspirational speaker. He has been the keynote for Government agencies, large companies, non-profits and schools. His topics cover various areas depending on the need but all utilize the power of words. 

Rocky’s story of overcoming life's most difficult times has inspired millions of people around the world. 

Specialties: Visionary leadership, business development, co-branding, product creation, product development, transformational change, personal and business balancing, negotiation, message and word implementation, entrepreneur leadership coaching, mentoring and speaking on overcoming life’s most difficult times.